David Wellington, aka D. Nolan Clark, aka David Chandler is the author of over twenty novels of action, suspense, and drama. He got his start in 2003 with the online serialization of Monster Island. Over a period of five months he published a chapter of the story every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, writing each section moments before it appeared online and responding in real time to user comments. The resulting manuscript became his first published novel in 2005.

He went on to write two more books in the same universe: Monster Nation and Monster Planet. His other horror series include the Laura Caxton series of vampire novels: 13 Bullets, 99 Coffins, Vampire Zero, 23 Hours, and 32 Fangs; and a werewolf duology comprising Frostbite and Overwinter.

Taking a break from horror he wrote three fantasy novels under the pseudonym David Chandler: Den of Thieves, A Thief in the Night, and Honor Among Thieves. Under his own name he wrote the Jim Chapel trilogy of spy thrillers: Chimera, The Hydra Protocol, and The Cyclops Initiative.

He returned to horror in 2015 with Positive, his grand zombie opus.

In 2016 he began to publish a science fiction trilogy, The Silence, under the name D. Nolan Clark. Forsaken Skies was followed by Forgotten Worlds and Forbidden Suns to complete this epic journey through the galaxy.

In 2019 he published The Last Astronaut, a work of space horror. It was short-listed for the Arthur C Clarke award, one of science fiction’s highest honors.

In 2023 he returns with Paradise-1, a new story of madness at the edge of space, and the poor souls who will voyage beyond the mind to discover what happened to a doomed star colony. It received a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly.

He has also worked in comic books and video games and has published dozens of short stories in a wide range of anthologies.

This website will keep you up to date with all of his work, both novels, short form, and other projects, and also serve as a platform for writing advice from an author who has made a reputation as a versatile storyteller.

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